Originality and type design

This is one of the most common words when it comes to descriptions, but it shouldn’t. While we are living very exiting times for the typography world, I don’t think that the word originality is that. better describes what is actually happening in the typography world. Except, maybe for other scripts other than the Latin based ones, for which I confess not being very familiar with. So, what I’m writing about is the Latin based typefaces and the western world. No all, and not all the time, designers seem to value their originality of their work, as if it would be a truly original ideia that came out of their minds. Most of the times this is not true, most the times, those original typefaces are simple mimics of pre existent ones, and there is nothing truly wrong with that. Certain typefaces can be interpreted over and over, they are classics, as in music, Bach will always be played, and there will be always someone coming with fresh eye on it, same for type.

The problem, or better, the fact is that there are much more people than ideas. Basically, we are all made of the same ideias, mixed differently, in different portions and cooked in different manners, but original thinking, original ideas is not something that we experience very often. And I’m talking about life in general, not about type design. But of course this is applicable to type design and to all the areas of creativity.