Download and read our EULA (End User License Agreement)

Important note:
By downloading and /or installing any of our fonts you automatically agree to the Feliciano Type End User License Agreement (EULA) available to read and download as a pdf here. >>
If you are not in agreement with our EULA, do not purchase, access, download and/or install, or otherwise use or manipulate any of the Feliciano Type’s fonts.

One Single License

— Print
— Web
— Mobile App
— E-book

As of March 2020 we have implemented a new and simpler way to license our fonts. One Single Standard License for design professionals covers the usage of fonts in all regular media: print, web, mobile apps and e-books. If you want to use the fonts within a brand, a corporation or institution, or require a licence for over 30 users, please contact us via email at to get a dedicated License.

Licenses are offered in three basic sizes:

Small License
1–3 users
Max. 100k monthly unique web visitors
1 Mobile App
1 e-book

Medium License
4–10 users
Max. 500k monthly unique web visitors
2 Mobile Apps
2 e-books

Large License
11–30 users
Max. 1 Million monthly unique web visitors
4 Mobile Apps
4 e-books

Once you choose the font(s) you will have to choose the size of your license according to the usage that you intend to give to the font(s), the number of users, the number of unique web visitors, the number of mobile applications and e-books. All Licenses purchased on our website will deliver fonts for Print and Web. Desktop fonts in Open Type CFF (OTF) and Web Fonts in WOFF and WOFF2 formats. Other formats may be supplied upon request and with additional fees. If you need to use the Fonts in Broadcast, you should contact Feliciano Type to get a dedicated License.

Fonts forever
All of our Licenses are unlimited in time. This means that you will not have to come back at a later time to pay any additional fees, unless you want to expand your license to a different font format not provided in your current license, or change to a license that allows for a greater number of users and/or page views/subscribers. 

When purchasing a font license from Feliciano Type, you are acquiring the rights to use the font according to our EULA (End User License Agreement) The EULA is a legal agreement which becomes a binding contract between you and Feliciano Type. During the purchasing process, you will be asked to agree with the terms of the EULA in order to download and use the fonts. We suggest that you read and download it here >>

Student discounts
We offer a 50% discount for students. The discount applies to the first individual style you purchase. Buy one and get the second one for free! If you buy two styles, you will get two styles for free, and so forth. 
You can buy any desired style(s) via our webshop, then get in touch via email at and tell us the additional style(s) of your choice. All Student Licenses are a single user license and cannot be used for a commercial project.
Remember: all students can also download our Trial Fonts, these fonts have a limited character set, but they are free of charge.

Copyright Ownership
When acquiring a License from Feliciano Type you are not purchasing the copyright to the design or any other part of the fonts, but the rights to use the Font Software specified in your invoice, by a specified number users, with a specified number of web page views, perpetual, non-exclusive and non-transferable, according to terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement, EULA, available to download as pdf here >>

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the licensing terms?
The EULA (End User License Agreement) contains the legally binding terms for using Feliciano Type fonts. We suggest that you download and read it here. >> 

Do you charge any recurring fees?
No. All of our standard licenses offered on this website have one-time fees.

May I acquire licenses on behalf of my client?
Yes, this is possible but you have to inform us beforehand, so that we can decide on the most adequate license and if there is a need for a customised agreement.

Why users and not workstations?
We know that many foundries use the word workstations, but we do not. Our licensing system is based on the number of users, and this differs slightly from the licenses based on the number of workstations.
This means that each user covered by our Licenses may install the purchased fonts on up to three devices, e.g. one desktop computer, one laptop, and one tablet.

May I send the font files to a typesetting service bureau or printer?
Fonts may be sent to third parties provided that they are only used on the behalf of the Licensee (license owner). The fonts must be deleted from the third parties workstations after the work on the behalf of the Licensee is finished. 

What currency do you use?
Our prices are set in Euros but once you proceed to checkout you may choose your own currency and language.

Do you offer corporate licensing?
We offer a range of dedicated Licensing types for all sorts of clients.
For more information about non-standard licensing send us an email at