The Grotzec Family was originally designed for the Surf Portugal magazine while Feliciano was the magazine’s art director. The typeface is inspired by early European grotesques found in late 19th-century posters and advertisement ephemera. While the shapes follow the close models of the time, some formal aspects of Grotzec help the typeface stand out from a typical grotesque typeface. Details such as different curve speeds in the exterior and interior of the letter shapes give the typeface a subtle humanistic touch.
The Condensed family has eight different widths that range from Thin to Black with accompanying italics. Four additional stand-alone styles complete the family, X Condensed, Narrow, X Narrow, and Poster.

Grotzec Collection — 23 styles, €500,00
Grotzec Condensed Family — 16 styles, €360,00
Grotzec More Family — 3 styles, €120,00
Grotzec Poster Family — 4 styles, €150,00
Grotzec Condensed Thin, €50,00
TYPE SOMETHING HERE... type something here

Grotzec Condensed Thin Italic, €50,00
MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CLASSIFICATION The term surfing refers to the act of

Grotzec Condensed Ultralight, €50,00
A SPECIFIC CONTEXT ASSOCIATED WITH The sensitive transducer element

Grotzec Condensed Ultralight Italic, €50,00
THE FIRST APPEARANCE OF THE BLUES Magnetic tape revolutionized both

Grotzec Condensed Extralight, €50,00
WHO DOES RESEARCH IN SEISMOLOGY David E. Hughes invented a carbon

Grotzec Condensed Extralight Italic, €50,00
ROCK MUSIC HAS ALSO EMBODIED AND Surfing was a central part of ancient

Grotzec Condensed Light, €50,00
ANATOMICALLY CORRECT PROPORTIONS You will not be displeased to learn

Grotzec Condensed Light Italic, €50,00
CLASSICAL AND OTHER MUSICAL STYLES Charles Herrold started broadcasting

Grotzec Condensed Regular, €50,00
LETTERS MAY BE SYMBOLS FOR SOUNDS The knowledge or mastery of an

Grotzec Condensed Regular Italic, €50,00
THE EXPERIENTIAL NATURE OF HUMAN The reading process requires

Grotzec Condensed Demibold, €50,00
SHOWMANSHIP AND VISUAL STYLE A star is an astronomical object

Grotzec Condensed Demibold Italic, €50,00
CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEVELOPMENT Astronomers have assembled star

Grotzec Condensed Bold, €50,00
THE PSYCHEDELIC AND HIPPIE SCENE History also includes the academic

Grotzec Condensed Bold Italic, €50,00
THE PROGRESSIVE OPENING OF BLUES The date and origin of the first device

Grotzec Condensed Black, €50,00
AND EVENTUALLY ALTERNATIVE ROCK Broadcasts for entertainment began

Grotzec Condensed Black Italic, €50,00
THE STUDY OF KNOWLEDGE IS CALLED Also includes the academic discipline

Grotzec X Condensed Bold, €50,00
AN ASTRONOMICAL OBJECT CONSISTING OF A Although these are not minimum energy

Grotzec Narrow Bold, €50,00
KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION INVOLVES COMPLEX COGNITIVE An ideal voltage source is a two-terminal device

Grotzec X Narrow Bold, €50,00
CAN REFER TO A THEORETICAL OR PRACTICAL UNDERSTANDING OF transformer is a passive electrical device that transfers

Grotzec Poster Black, €50,00
BUT THE DURABILITY MIGHT BE understanding the limitations

Grotzec Poster Condensed Bold, €50,00
STANDARDIZED STELLAR DESIGNATIONS though these are not minimum energy

Grotzec Poster X Condensed Bold, €50,00
EDGE OF THE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE HAS described as one of the most significant literary

Grotzec Poster XX Condensed Bold , €50,00
DISTANT REGIONS OF SPACE ARE ASSUMED TO EXIST AND Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms that form


OpenType Features:

Case-Sensitive Forms
Standard Ligatures
Proportional Lining Figures
Tabular Lining Figures
Stylistic Alternates

Uppercase / Lowercase
Accented Characters
Numerals / Fractions
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Uppercase / Lowercase
Accented Characters
Numerals / Fractions
Punctuation / Symbols

OpenType Features
Case-Sensitive Forms
Proportional Lining Figures
Tabular Lining Figures

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About this Character Set
Characters with more than one vertical position such as small figures are only displayed once.

Characters with more than one advanced width, such as figures, are only displayed once.
Case sensitive glyphs are not displayed.